Privacy Policy

This page is to help you better understand why Binti Beauty collects your data and how it is secured your data to provide and improve service.


What Binti Beauty may collect

•Your IP address 

•Your contact information and email address
• Other information like your preference and interest 

• The website that referred you to the site 

•Order information 


Why Your Data is Collected 

Binti Beauty collection your information in order to:

•Fulfill orders and to better understand your interest and preference

•Get a better understanding of your interest and preferences  

• Send you an email about new products and updates

•Help screen for potential risk and fraud 

• Improve and optimize the site


Securing Your Data 

Binti Beauty is very committed to protecting your data and keeping all your information confidential. Please note that all data collected is to improve products and services. Binti Beauty does not track devices or share customers information outside the site.

Last updated on May 11,  2022